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It is very usual to see bottles and glasses left all over the place following some specific patterns as explained in this story published four years ago; that's particularly true…
Dimecres, 01 de juliol 2015 00:00
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Jenaro García Martín, chairman and CEO of Spanish technological company Gowex, has resigned after admitting that the entity is not able to honour its short term liabilities and that entering…
Diumenge, 06 de juliol 2014 10:00
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About 20 members from the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) showed up yesterday afternoon against the leather industry of mink, fox, rabbit, raccoon, chinchilla, coyote, sable and wolf…
Diumenge, 04 November 2012 00:00
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More than one hundred Catalans assembled yesterday at the GPO to claim for Catalonia’s independence in response to the more than 1.5 milion demonstrators who marched through the streets of…
Dimecres, 12 de setembre 2012 00:00
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In response to the massive demonstration that will take place in Barcelona this afternoon, Ireland for the Catalan Independence has called all Catalans residing in Dublin and surrounding areas as…
Dimarts, 11 de setembre 2012 00:00
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The last bank to open in Ireland has been a success thanks to the economic crisis and despite one of their goals being people getting into debt: the Clonakilty Favour…
Dimecres, 16 de maig 2012 13:00
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